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[8/17/04] Tekken 4

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Game: Tekken 4


Genre: Fighting


System: Aracade, Playstation 2


Release: 2001


Well the highly anticipated Tekken 4 is finally out on the ps2, was it worth the wait? Did it live up to the hype? Well let’s dissect this game and find out.



At first glance after seeing the CG intro you would expect a monumental step forward in the Tekken series and fighting, well if you were expecting that (like I was) get ready to be let down. The system has been changed much since the last Tekken (some may hate it, some may love it) I for one liked and dislikes some aspects of the game play changes in tekken 4. Well the backgrounds are fully 3D now and interactive, and eight way movement among other things. For all the cosplayers out there the stories and endings have been expanded and dialogue has been added. But that almost seems like it wa sput in there as a last ditch effort hide what Tekken 4 really is, a broken unbalanced fighting game. For example any stage with walls, 1/2 around the stage could bounce you off the wall for infinite with anyone,


and lets not get started with the unreasonable cheap Jin.

Characters moves were tweaked and changed, and some (like Jin) were taken away out right all in the name of balance. But sadly in the end the game is far from balanced, it is actually very broken.

Now lets move on to the graphics and presentation. The character models look cool and stylish, sadly the animation is not that fluid, and could get real choppy, like clothing does not flow like it does in VF 4 or SC2, instead you get little break up and clippings. The characters movements aren’t that fluid and real looking like vf. It hurts it a lot, there is too many shared animations also.

Virtua Fighter 4 took a page right out of Tekken’s own book with in-depth tutorials and loaded feature set, there is a training mode is included, but it’s the same basic practice session seen countless times before. The sound is overall good, nothing memorable but it gets the job done. The controls are very good also, if you practice long enough you wont have much trouble pulling off those 10 hit strings or Kings muti throw combo's. In the end the overall game feels rushed and it was just thrown out there, seems like Namco has forgotten about tekken and is focusing all there efforts on Soul Calibur. Sadly Tekken has lost a step; hardcore fans of the series will be disappointed. Hopefully Tekken will address all the issues people have with Tekken 4, and it will live up to the legacy Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag Tournament left behind.


Control's: 9.5

GamePlay: 6.5

Graphics: 7

Sound: 7

Overall Score: 7

Grade: C

Overall I give this game a :(

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From what I hear, the controls are the crap.


About everything else is good.


Greatest Balanced Game Ever = 3s kthx.

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Great Review, And This Will be M<y First Review Post I Post In, YAY! Now Thx To The Review I'll Probly Stick To Marvel Anc Capcom Games...

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Wasn't Tekken 4 just reviewed by Magnis?  Should we combine the topics or something?  Having the reviews at the top and saying the topic was started by both of them...I dunno.  Just rambling I guess.

Our reviews are to different to be combined.

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1/2 around the stage could bounce you off the wall for infinite with anyone

Absolutely false, as long as you continue getting up, you will continue cornertraped on to the wall, after the second punch, you should be fall evenly to the ground, where you could just roll out. This is rookie level defense.


and lets not get started with the unreasonable cheap Jin.

No such thing as cheapness in any tekken game, everyone is an individual, each and single of em has a variety of attributes, weaknesses, offense and defense. Anyone who can master counters and finding yer oponent's weakness, that's your winning ticket.

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