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[8/17/04] Tekken 4

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A minor critisicm of this (and most of your reviews really): you don't go into enough detail.  Like you mention that the game is unbalanced, but you don't really talk about how, except that jin is powerful and that the wall-bouncing makes for infinites (which I never really had a problem with, but I'm not all hardcore into Tekken either).  If you think it's really broken, you should give some more examples so that people know, for example, if it's broken in terms of tournament play, or if it's so broken that they aren't going to be able to have fun with a few friends.  I'm not trying to be insulting, just a constructive criticism, and I do mostly agree with your review. 


I thought of Tekken 4 as a reasonable "distilling" of the series.  They took a bunch of characters whose movesets were ridiculously similar and condensed them into a smaller batch of more unique fighters.  The graphics and things were good, but not up to VF4Evo standards.  However, the real problem was the wall thing.  They made it out to be this big feature and it was really kind of lame, amounting to a few extra hits once in a while.  Other than that it was, at least as a casual fighter, as solid as any other Tekken.

Thanks for the input. :banghead:

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Something I loved about Tekken 4 is how they almost completely removed the "clone" characters. Only one Jack character (Kuma), only one Kazuya etc.


Tekken 3 started this but it wasn't done as well as in this iteration.


The only bad choice was Lee he only serves story purposes and is too similar to Law. Tekken 5 has gone back to more is better and is using the tacky choice of having about 500 characters and re-using move sets. This is garbage. I mean, who the hell would choose Wang over Michelle or Ganryu over Jack-2.

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