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Have you guys noticed that there is now a side banner in the A@H Forum. I can not even believe it! It takes 2/4 of your screen for crying out loud....


Here's a screenshot:




or http://www.arcadeathome.com/forums


I promise you guys this I will never have banners or popups on my site.


1. You get no members.. 2. No one ever clicks the links.


Tim is even threating that if you don't click the link he is going to put "Tower" ads... I mean its only a $180 to host a site...


I don't know TIM, but if I were him like a said I would take it out immediatly!


Check out the newest conversation on it here:




P.S. If TIM is reading this post, please take that banner out its all over my screen too.. and its slows down the site.


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Tim is a sad and strange little man. :):D i occasionally go there (without logging in) just to observe the insanity which used to be one of the BEST forums around. now, in my opinion, its a joke. i did notice this new addition, and to be quite honest with you, it didnt surprise me, not one bit. i beleive that it is the beginning of the end for A@H. please...hold the tears. B)

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Yeah it really makes me sad what Tim is doing to A@H. I mean, without A@H, I would seriously be nobody! As a matter of fact my thread is still the top posting thread in views and replies if you click on satistics.


I just wish Tim would take off the banners and pop-ups like it used to be. :)

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Good metaphor. You are rigth anyways what makes me angry is that I can't d/l roms or emus from A@H because of the damn add blocker script. Even so I told Tim I don't have any add blocker he always try to say that I have some kind of add blocker wicht isn't true I know my damn PC dammit. Tim is the kind of person that always wan't to be rigth stupid macho crap. Tim is the kind of person that gives a bad name to americans because all the time he proves his cockiness and his stupidty yet in his little world he always rigth.

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