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  1. We shall see that in the future. Has for the server what about Unknow server but then again that one sometimes is full.
  2. Hmm well anyway we should do something.
  3. Since the sf2 tourney ended does anyone know the date when the Garou one should start.
  4. Since when I follow the rules? Either way if he was childish or not for what I remember on the TOS that the forums provide u to sign before even posting never was writen that anything outside this forums ex. IRC, would be allowed to judge if a person is baned. Is like saying we did random aim caht room named 1emu and I started to piss everyone off thus people baning me because something that happened outside the forums. Saying that if u where gona ban him for just his sig or because he tell anybody on this forums to bite his shorts. I think that be dumb since other people has acted on the
  5. Hey GC even so I don't know Ash or anything I think u went a little to far by banning him because things that happen in irc or sig for that matter. Remember back at A@H I was considered someone like Ash but even so I never got this treatment of getting ban. Why don't u try talking with him like to men should be a discuss ur diference so that both can get to a mutal point and everyone is happy.
  6. Ahh I am having problems conecting to irc
  7. BTW today saturday I migth be online but around 10pm eastern time until I fell asleep so I hope I can figth someone.
  8. Man is it today? Pm so I been busy the whole day with work and I jsut arrived to my home now.
  9. Well if u want we can practice also so if interested send me a PM.
  10. Dude don't worry I havent played that game in years.
  11. Thx K'Dash Agozer That good news and bad news. Farewell Neo geo but at least SNK games would look much better I hope HI res sprites come to me muwahahaha.
  12. I second that. Does anyone know if the new SNK games will be on a new hardware if that so this means SSVs will be the last neo geo rom. ::EDIT:: Sorry for my dumb question I been gone from the emu scene for a long time now.
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