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The Great Character Battle III

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I don't visit Gamefaqs during that crap. I just can't stand the idiotic fanboyism. I remember 2 years ago when Jill Valentine defeated Bomberman. Almost everyone was making faggy fanfics of Kirby killing Jill thus justifying their pic of choosing Kirby. Completely retarded.

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I like kirby. Hes my favorite nintendo character. But the fankiddies always wreck gaming characters for everyone.


I'm going to make up Kirbies that we all know


Kirby Dance

(>'')> (^'')> ^('')^ <(''^) <(''<)


Kirby Hadoken

( '')-| ==========o


Kirby Sword

( '')-|--->


Kirby Boxing



Kirby Golf

( '')\_ . |>


I'm done now

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GameFAQs is only good for the FAQs. I don't even look at the other sections since they are infested with moronic fanboys who will defend to the death their favorite character, game, sex toy, etc.

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