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Doom 3 released

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Funny, everybody else was rooting for deviance or razor1911. You know the really funny thing.... 28000 leeches off a single seed. I guess this tests the mettle of any well-written bittorrent client out there! (and ppl with fast connections will also get the game before the release date too)

Oh well, now that Doom 3 is released... it's time to look towards brighter and bigger things....http://media.xbox.ign.com/media/566/566556/img_2254699.html for instance.

Oh, and of course SSV special.

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Doom 3 came out at certain retailers before the August 3rd(The date where it would be shipped nation wide in North America).

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You'll find the Official Benchmark and Official Hardware Guide there.


Minimum specs are:

1.5 ghz processor (or AthlonXP 1500+)

384 mb RAM

64 mb graphics card (DX9 recommended)


That's about all the essential stuff you need.

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