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Doom 3 released

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The Phantom,Aug 2 2004, 01:50 PM] what are your system specs, K'dash?

Right now, since my AMD64 isn't installed, I refuse to the install the game until I get my AMD64 installed. Which will be in a few hours depending on my friend who might come over for some deathmatch action.


Anyways, I played it on a 2.8GHz p4, 512 RAM and GeForce 4 mx440, and the video card is holding me back from playing it at higher resolutions.


My AMD64 system:

AMD64 3000+


9800Pro 128MB


I've had the parts for a while now,I just need a friking new PSU, but, I will try and install it and hope my comp doesn't blow the fsck up.

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For those illegal downloading bastards (looks around with shifty eyes),I know the idea is simple and stupid but I was wondering but when you install these games do they just dump the entire 1.5 gigs of game onto your computer and then your computer reads it as if you playing it on cd?

Does this make your computer work harder or is there sounds or movie files that are lost in compression?

are the files compressed? is that how they do it?

can you burn them to a cd and play the game like normal?

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I hope Activision and iD so the same thing that Ubisoft did with FarCry and telling Suprnova to remove it off their site.

who cares i got other hook ups :blink:

lol, anyway i hope they don't do that yet until i download a copy.

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