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All I Know on CFJ Right Now Thread


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Characters(Currently, Possible more to come in the coming weeks of testing, since theres like, 5 SF2 characters, expect one more on each side, hopefully. HOPEFULLY):

Street Fighter Zero: Rose, Guy, Sakura, Karin

Street Fighter II: Vega(Evil Mario), Zangief, Ryu, Guile - Gouki. He is in the game, question is, is he playable?

Vampire Savoir: Felicia, Jedah, Dimitri, Anakaris

Warzards/Redearth: Hauzer, Leo, Nool(some little Squid thingy O_o, capcom pulling a Mars People?), Mukuro

Street Fighter III: Yun, Chun-Li, Urien, Alex

CFA☆: Ingrid


Characters in the background (i.e. the ones that have no chance making it into the game);

SFA: Cody Nash Dan Birdie Adon Eagle Maki Sodom (drawing)

SFII: Cammy Ken T Hawk Honda Sagat Dahsilm DJ Fei Long Bison(Boxer) Blanka

SFIII: Hugo Sean Makoto Ibuki Yang(with Homei and Hitomi) Q (shadow on a wall)

Vampires: Gallon Zabel Leilei Bishamon Morrigan (drawing)

Warzards: 4 Bosses that I don't know from Warzards.


Rose, Guy and Karin's sprites are ripped from SFZ obviously. Sakura's is her CVS2 sprite, but the movelist is different

Ryu, Guile, Vega(!DIFFERENT MOVELIST!) are in their SFZ Sprites (not CVS2 which was speculated), No one knows about Gouki weather its CVS2 or SF3, THEY REDREW ZANGEIF'S HEAD and he uses his SF2(!) Movelist! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO.

VS characters were ripped from VS :\

Warzards charcaters taken from the original game and downsized.

Yun and Chun Li are in their SF3 Sprites and movelists, not CVS2, Urien and Alex were ripped from SFIII

Ingrid = All new :P


New Characters may or may not appear during the testing.

The game's arcade release date is aimed towards November, and PS2 port by December or Jan.2005

At the current time, Midnight Bliss is in the game, but is disabled because all the characters don't have sprites for it :\

At every test, Ingrid becomes more and more powerful, yet balanced and not broken! How is this possible? I don't know.

They changed the damage to Ryu's Hadoken (HAHAHAHAHAHA HADOBITCHES CAN'T KILL ME ANYMORE!)

Chip Death Animations for all!

When first reported, the VS characters were the strongest in the game. Now their not and very balanced out, the SF2 characters would be the strongest now, but only by a margine.

To all the people who call this game "Mugen." You are completely wrong, Capcom is going all they can to balanced this game out perfectly. And doing a good job at it too. This game seems more likable now then it was when it was first announced.


Some improvements/de-improvements, additions, random notes:

Added a Jungle Stage with Blanka and few other people I don't know

Ingrid has her Sun Octopus special(LVL3 Special) now which has a godly button combo of 63214463214 or something like that, she was given a 421 Counter move

SFIII Characters can cancle! WOOT!

VS and SFIII characters can EX

For some reason Leo has a freaky damage scheme now. Each super goes from OMFG STRONG to weak back to OMFG STRONG

Alex's Shotgun Headbutt was toned down

Yun's Downward kicking move has more lag time

Some Felicia's moves were either toned down or recived lag time, but she's still powerful

Most MB Sprites are in the game, but still disabled

For some idioteque reason, Guy can do his Lvl3 Super on his Vism bar, but Rose/Karin/Sakura can only do their Lvl1 Supers

Custom combos are hardcore, and don't follow SFZ's style of Bushin.

Urien's Agis Refelctor has lag start up now.

No Boss as of yet in the current version.

VS Characters can't whore your in the air forever anymore

SF2 characters now use something more closely related to the Xism from SFZ


No one likes playing Chun-Li for some reason, like 10 people used her :\


You can download a beta video from the burningdojo.com and see pictures in their Gallery Section under "Miscellaneous images from news page"


Speculation on who might be added next is Oro and Donovon(sp?). Just speculating


Compiled info from a bunch of places: mmcafe.com snk-capcom.com neo-geo.com

Ingrid = Cutie, but she needs to show some leg, stockings are nice, but need some leg. Like how Walken's needs more Cowbell.

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Ingrid = Cutie, but she needs to show some leg, stockings are nice, but need some leg. Like how Walken's needs more Cowbell.

HA! Sicko! "I got a fever! And the only prescription is more cowbell!"

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Wouldn't it have been better visually if they'd taken sprites from CvS2, instead of ripping it from SFZ?


I just can't seem to get excited about this game...I mean, with all the sprites being reused and all, it just puts a damper on things. And no Makoto....that sucks.

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CVS2 sprites were actually reworked SFZ sprites.


This ain't no mugen game. Capcom wants to go out with a bang.

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