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Manhunt ban?

Should violent games like this be banned?  

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It is well-known that the one and only cause of violence is video games. Kill all the videogames developpers and players with the maximum cruelty, and there will be peace forever.

WW1 would never have happened if they didn't play stone-paper-scissors :P


EDIT: may I ask you in which country you're in BobRedthorp?

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First of all, I loved Manhunt. It had the stealth of Thief with great atmosphere and tension, like a good horror movie. Creeping up behind people and "snuffing them out" never lost its appeal. The gunfights in the game were also fun. Playing the game at night with all the lights switched off was a great experience.


The violence was extreme...but was also an integral part of the game, just like violence is an integral part of a Tarantino film. I can understand how alot of people are turned off it, either because of the violence, or because the game is little more than hide + execute or shoot. But if you enjoy those core gameplay elements (like me) then Manhunt is a very enjoyable game, if you can stomach it.


Secondly, this banning is ludicrous, and will only make the game more popular amongst people who shouldn't be playing it. The ratings are there, and they should be used. "Mature" games are big business now...you aren't going to stop them by banning them. Parents should use the ratings to make the decision whether to purchase or not, not turn a blind eye. Games aren't just for little kids anymore, why can't the public (and parents, and critics and censors) realise that?


Oh yeah, the game has also been banned in New Zealand, too.

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I like it because they can hear you breath if you use a USB mic. Damn great imo.

i have manhunt , it got kinda hard for me , i love using the xbox mic , its fun to cuss :P

btw:k' did u get a xbox?

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EDIT: may I ask you in which country you're in BobRedthorp?

I live in the UK, the game has not actually fully banned, the story is that the parents of the boy who was killed last week blamed the game for it, as it was quite a horrific murder etc, now because the parents said this, certain stores such as common electrical stores like Dixons and Curys and a well known game store called Game decided to stop selling it yesterday however, stores such as HMV, Virgin and other indipentent stores do continue to sell it. I think this happend once before with a different game here but I'm not too sure what it was, but I'm sure after the dust settles about this story I bet the start selling the game again.


EDIT: And another weird thing about blood in games, I don't know, but I would find it more disturbing in real life if you started to spew green blood instead of red???? :P

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Of course Manhunt should be banned! It was just about the worst game I've ever played! :P


However, violent games shouldn't be banned. There's an 18+ rating for a reason (Which is hypocritical thing for me to say, seeing as how I'm only 17. but I'm also mature enough to not try to imitate everything I see).

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