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New Player 2 Versions of Characters are up.


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Chae Lim



These are better renders. These renders were once shown in this month's Arcadia magazine. Alba is in the badass catagory, Clark's if funny(I don't know why exactly), Athena's is nice, Mignon is...extremely cute...*cracks up at her cuteness*, ahem, Yuri's is hot, K`s is badass, Maxima and Seth's are pimp, Chae Lim is like a J-Pop/K-Pop star (like thats a bad thing right?) and Iori's is badass as well, and finally a change!


Edit: From KOFCyberfanatics


Also, does anyone know why PhuckIGN's site is down?

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SNKP sure has a leather Chaps fetish don't they? uggh....


clarks 2p reminds me of the kick boxing dude in dead or alive.

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hmmm...2P Ryo looked like his appearance from a Hyper NeoGeo64 game. i forgot the name, not really popular though and the game seems to be concentrated on realistic fighting than the flashy KOF type.

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