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S.f. P R I D E Parade

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Yep the pride parade was off the chain, dispite the fact i forgot about the parade & woke up late with a hang over with it so yeah... ;)


we got there around 1ish and the floats started crusing around 10 AM PST so yeah oh well.


The small stands and the crowds there were great, lots of deck stuff for everyone


Hot bodies,Pinup Chicks,Rockabilly Boys & Girls, Home Depot Department all over,goths,hipsters all in one little happy bunch. There was this one girl who looked like betty paige but i'll not get into that since this an ALL-AGE type deal.


Even my straight friends had a blast ;) busy checking out the good looking lesbians even though they have no chance in hell, but still great eye candy *nod*


all the other party booths were knockin even the R & B section, the Rolling stones cover band sucked :D


so yeah thats the PG-13 Summary of that afternoon & night





here are some friendly photos of the event



This dude has hella long hair, when we saw him we were like :oH SHI* someonw with longer hair than you! [friend of mine]





yeah this place was pretty deck, there were some hilarious drag queens there, and nudists -.-; and hella people were all dealing drugs here and shi* haha



and of course ate lunch @ my favorite underground chinese restaurant in chinatown before we went back to the party.


so yeah that was the trip, lots of fun positive energy from all the people that day, too bad i hella forgot about the parade and didn't get sleep the night before i would have gotten tarted up but oh well theres next year :)

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Hmm....wonder how many more posts before Gamecop comes in and "blahs" everything.

I don't think he'd do that unless he was one of them stupid homophobes (not clinically, but just out of ignorance)

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Ehh Thats nice. Good to see you have fun. Yes I am ignoring the high sexual implications people can get from this topic but what do I care?


I don't think GC will blah them. He will only take off the images if someone finds them inappropriate and asks GC to tell Violence to take them off. Just like Weird's Sites ;)

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gamecop should like lesbians too =)


anyways, wonder how it feels to go to one of these things...

Yep We All Should, Hell Most Of The Porn On My Comp Is Lesbien Porn, ;) HEHE :D

And I'm Just Guessing Is That Violance In The Pics? And From Violance's Explinations Those Parades Song Pretty Fun.

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