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Welcome Classic-shock, The Newest Hosted Site!

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We now host a new site called Classic-Shock for NeoGeo inserts. Basically inserts are the covers for the cases of your neogeo carts. It's already known as an awesome Neogeo Insert site since it has some of the best quality designs to date. This is actually one of our moderator's site: N3oGh0zt. So give his site a warm welcome and expect a lot of upcoming updates with it. If you need a site freely hosted that's related to gaming, PM or Email me and we can work something out.


Check out some images of the inserts made by him...






»» http://classic-shock.1emulation.com

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So these are fan-made inserts?

Yeah, by N3oGh0zt. It's pretty cool stuff. :)

I agree. I've got a whole lot of inserts, but they're mostly official ones.

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The stuff on this site arent original works that I did, they were existing inserts that were adjusted to fit my "classic-shock" style so all my carts look uniform on my shelf.


My original inserts can be found here. under my alias "neocvera".


Also here.

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