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What Has The World Come To!?


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This is sad. All these chicks making easy money. And notice how many of them are freakin' ugly? Damn, I wonder how desperate some guys are. And it's "imaginary"!! LOL Talk about Elementry school!


~ Out Of Availability ~

Girlfriends in this category are booked to capacity and cannot accept new orders at this time.


Sorry guys, it appears some of these fine ladies are taken at the moment. Gonna have to wait till they break up.


Edit: Or at least until the idiots run outta cash! :D

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LOL it just f---ing blows my mind that something like this actually exists. I really am speechless. I just don't know how to put it into words how pathetic and sad that really is. *shaking head*

Yeah, I thought Real Dolls was bad. Atleast those are tangible!

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