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Chankast Dreamcast Emulator Is Now Downloadable!


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I'm complaining that it doesn't work on my system :/

Hahahaha...I'll join you. Make it work on a P200 with a Voodoo 1, dammit! :P

Seriously, why do people complain when the emulator is at an alpha stage? Because they're ungrateful bigots, that's why.

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Well, I do like trying stuff. Well, I'll try it on my sister's computer, now all I gotta do is smuggle some of my isos on to it.

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The Chankast authors shared a nice bit of info today. Apparently there is a commandline to load iso files directly!

Courtesy of DCEmu.co.uk:


Hi, I am garrofi, one of the chankast author.


I think I am not very popular right now 


You can use -file:filename.bin or -file:data.iso to load an application. I use it to test kos examples in chankast.


Starsdemo.iso works and a lot of kos examples. I would like to improve net-bsd compatibility, but after reading some comentaries about us, I don't feel like doing it.


btw, I don't have emulated #trap opcode and a lot of homebrew apps use it.




All that stuff about homebrews and him not being very popular is because all people have done on that particular forum is diss them since this emulator came out. They just can't stand that it plays commercial games better than homebrew and think Chankast will kill the homebrew scene/promote piracy/end the world. Garrofi should come talk to a nice board like this where we'll give him his due props for this huge acoomplishment!

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