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Chankast Dreamcast Emulator Is Now Downloadable!


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i get this error



this application has failed to start because d3d9.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem

Try downloading the file again. :angry:

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Man I wish I could play from the actual disks  :(


Normally I am so patient too. =P


Download faster darnit!  :angry: XD

The best place to find dreamcast backup iso's is in our Direct Connect Hubs. We have the biggest Emulation Network of Direct Connect Hubs on the entire internet! You can find virtually just about every DreamCast game ever released!

    ------------€mü-Ñëtwø®k™ Hubs--------
    #1 Emu™ Rom Hub dchub://emu.servegame.com (Jiggs, Magnis)
    #2 Barnitos Anything Goes Emulation dchub://hub.barnitos.net (Barnito, Elvis)
    #3 Romster Hub dchub://romsterhub.ath.cx (Whuden, Sane)
    #4 Console-Tech dchub://console-tech.no-ip.org:413 (dcd, Mrs.D)
    #5 Emulation Palace dchub://maidenshub.no-ip.org (IronMaiden)
    #6 Project Infinity dchub://projectinfinity.no-ip.com (PokeParadox)
    #7 PSX Gamerz dchub://psgamerz.dnsalias.org ([PSX]thomasjkat)
    #8 Forgotten~ Myth's dchub://psxforgotten2.myftp.biz (GARION, LUCIFERA)
    #9 The Asylum dchub://chaggy.sytes.net (chaggydawg)
    #10 EmuPlanet dchub://emuplanet.mine.nu (CrAzYgUnMaN)

Here is a Tutorial on Downloading Roms/Isos's on Direct Connect...


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