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Best Character In Kof

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Goddamn you SNKP where is EIJI KISARAGI!!


Good question. I liked him - and Geese Howard.


I can play good with just about anyone cuz I memorized all the moves and alot combos, hehehe!


that's what i did with KOF98 - Working on kof2001 now.


Btw axl: are you using combo guides for the combos?

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no I'm not b'cuz I hate combo guides! What I do is make-up my own combos about 4-5 for each char, even if they don't do alot of hits/much damage I alter them alot!! If I can I upgrade them as I see fit!!


Angel is a combo biatch btw! I always try to end my combos with her in

a SDM!! She is soooooo underrated!! She's hot, DAMN HOT, basically

made for combos, and did I mention she's hot?!?!

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Angel is a combo biatch btw!


yeah, it's like Vice and Mature in kof98. you should see the damage i can do with them (13-hit combo with Mature :D )


Kyo just rocks,because of the way his moves can flow into one-another. K is also cool. i worked out a combo where i do 5hit-combo damage and end of the maximum power move - so in effect it's something like 30+ hits in the end. does about 70% damage.

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That's gotta be something, 70% damage is a hole can'o'wh00p ass!!!

Mature and Vice are good but aren't the same as Angel! They have

Special Input Moves (like the rest of the guys) while Angel has Chain Circle(start,middle,finish)Moves!! She playes similar to Tekken characters IMO.

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Maybe they should put lee(aof 1 and 2) and Jubei(fatal fury 2) in the next KOF and make a team with geezers hehe

Alot of geezers are in the SNK universe.. 2 teams or even 3 could be made out of them!

I seriously think Tung fu rue would make a good addition to the KOF scene.

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Well, Angel WAS designed around  chaining moves and only that. No wonder she's a "combo biatch".

Yeah but u gotta agree that she is so underrated!!!

Yes, that is true. Her DMs/SDM are kinda hard to pull off in the heat of battle.

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