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King Of Fighters 99 Evo (pc)

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going a bit off topic, what other pc fighting games have you guys seen? i managed a copy of guilty gear x and im in love with it.... trying to look for more now

Battle Arena Toshinden 2 and Last Bronx. Direct ports from arcade/consoles, but they get the job done.

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even Metal Slug 2, 3 and 4 are now being sold as a pack for the PC by Mega Enterprises. from what ive heard, its not worth it (some parts slows down even on the greatest of machines), considering that its also using its own customized emu, this is big turn off factor for me. youre better off playing them with your emus.

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virtua fighter 2, super street fighter 2 turbo and i think street fighter alpha 2, the sf ones are in 320 x 240 without any filtering options so getting the roms is much better.

About kof 96 evo, what platfrom is it for, i remember i heard there was a hentai version of kof 96, i am asking because i am gr8 fan of that game, one of the best of the series imo

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