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Whats In Your Download Queve


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ok, since some of my other questions besides "what are you listening to?" seem to have faded away to a distant island, I've come up with a new evil question...



I wanna know whats in your download queve in all your p2p programs...I don't care what it is....porn, books, anime, etc.....feel comfortable, you're among friends :(



mine? here's mine


Bit Torrent: Love Hina 1-6 (ogm's), Onegai Teacher Dual Audio DvD rips, Daphne in Brilliant Blue OST, Cyborg 009 dvd rip 1-6, DNAngel OST collection


DC++: monty python eps 6-11, all eps of samurai Deeper Kyo





so far, thats about it, I don't use kazaa anymore, my brother does


anyways, what are you waiting on?

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