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Neo-cd Emu For Dreamcast!

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But the dc can bearly emulate the snes, stop playing with our emotions K'DASH!

Actually it can. Someone just needs to make a better emu then the one now.

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The difference is that snes games have to be loaded into the DC's Vram, cd based games obviously won't have this limitation. Bleem showed us with their PSX emu for DC that it's not only possible but that DC can even enhance the games graphically. Of course it will take an extremele talented programmer with loads of time and rescources to make a good psx or NG CD emu, but I think it's a nice idea atleast worth trying, I'd rather see a PCE CD emulator than NG CD though.

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pssst if you bothered to check the authors website, you'd see there have already been TWO (Count em TWO) releases of this emulator that you can download and try for yourself...........it's not "Coming Soon", it's been here for months.


And this does NOT belong in Current Affairs. *sigh*


Moves thread

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lmao. Dos emus on the pc are damn slow, they'd be super slow on the dc.


I'd like to see a full-speed genesis (not segagen) and snes emulator.

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