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Best Horror Movie

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The Ring...Both the original japanese Ringu and the US adaptation.

YES! :lol:


Oh ya, for sheer entertainment it's either the Evil Dead trilogy, Freddy vs. Jason or Dawn of the Dead (new one).

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john carpenter's the thing, nightmare in elm street 1, alien 1 and 2, original dawn of the dead, the exorist (either version), 28 day later (better then re to me) and glitter :lol:


i would mention jason movies but they make me laugh more then ever being scared :lol:

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For some reason American "horror" movies seem more comedic (is that a word?) and action oriented -- especially the more recent ones. They're never scary.


The closest horror movie that made me feel slightly uneasy was probably The Ring -- and I also found the original version to be better.


28 Days Later: I had high hopes for this film based on the reviews on the net. It was average at best. That one scene in the beginning where the main character after waking up from the hospital to find the entire city deserted, roams around the streets, looking around (probably thinking where the f@#k is everyone?), picks up a newspaper and glances at the headline for a second or so......and just drops the paper and starts walking away with that same puzzled look. WTF?! Now what's wrong with this picture?


Anyhow, yeah, The Ring is decent -- original version recommended.


Also, the japanese director of Ichi the Killer has also made a bunch of other horror films from what I've read. I'm still trying to find those.

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Yes, comedic is a word :lol:


John Carpenter's The Thing is possibly the greatest Horror movie I've ever seen. I suggest you read "Who Goes There?" The original short story that inspired the movie. I wish Carpenter would make a sequal, but I guess the game would act like that :D


The Ring(u) - The original japanese novel is just as scary. The movies are just as good as the book.


Sam Ramani's Within The Woods/Evil Dead Trilogy - American B-rated horror films at its best! Knowing that the Within the Woods and Evil Dead 1 were made with almost no buget. Greatest example of an indy director going pro (same guy made Spiderman the movie!)

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