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How Did You Get Your Screen Names?


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Or whatever is the closest thing to trendy that I have. I'm usually 5 years behind on that stuff.



stay far away from that :(


doushebags like RYAN secrest and other peple i can't think of atm or whatever his name is [dude from american idol] ruins it


long as u think it's hot, sport it




and thanks, for your blessing. we're not your typical couple this one has magick :)

Yikes. You scared me there for a second. When you said Ryan I thought you were talking about me at first (My name is Ryan). :-D But its all good.

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Used to wrestle in the backyard during High School as The Dreamslayer.

That name stuck so I kept it.


Then in IRC for some reason I started making mockery names of myself, The Teamplayer was my favorite and I started using it a bit more in mirc.


It was during that time I discovered this forum and decided I wanted to sign in with a name besides The Dreamslayer. So The TeamPlayer it was.

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