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The One and Only 1Emulation Online Arcade Thread


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This is the one and only 1Emulation Online Arcade Thread!


Post here if you are the newest winner for a game or if you want to compete with someone, brag about how good you are, etc. You can also ask any questions you have and if you want to request a game PM: GameCop (that's me), if you find a Bug, PM: Ryder. Thanks for all the support in making this possible. Have Fun! :P:-D

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dude man, after a while Space Invaders got all boring. I died on purpose

Well uh, with a score of 9040, I don't blame you. Go to another game, I'll be adding a ton more soon. :-D Let's see if I can beat your score though. :P

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Here is a little suggestion/request: a way to pause the game would be great. (or am I blind and it's already possible?)


Damn Cinder, you've already beaten me at 2 games! I gotta correct this (if I can) ;)


EDIT: Thinking about it, it's not a good idea. Some games are much easier if you can pause them...

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