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The Passion Of The Christ


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I was expecting a lot more/worse than what i saw. I think the trick to this was that Mel Gibson or the writers didnt really spend a lot of time building a relationship between the VIEWER and Jesus.......by this i am talking about the movie. There wasnt a lot of time for us to "get to know" Jesus. With that in mind, it was a lot easier for me to watch the movie as I didnt really buy into the fact of who he was (although we all know who jesus is). The hardest times I had with the movie (emotionally) were the instances where his mother meets with him or the lady offers him water, etc. Basically instances where people, despite the consequences, offer help or love. This is not a testament to my religious beliefs but rather my appreciation for humanity in all its good (or potential for good). However, should this movie had spent more time on Jesus and building up the character, i probably would have been a lot more emotionally attached as i can submerge myself in movies to fully appreciate them.


The movie was ok. I liked the hint that Jesus invented tables and chairs though, that was kinda funny.

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I think the reason Mel Gibson didn't build up the Jesus character is because the audience he made the movie for know who Jesus is. I remember seeing him with Diane Sawyer and he was saying this movie was just to portray the suffering he went through for humanities sake. And his suffering is the connection he wanted to make with the audience. "Look how much he suffered for you, now believe in him or burn in hell."


That's the impression I got when I was watching the movie. But the devil was a sexy beast...I was like "RORRRW! I'll see you outside in my car..."


The movie was quite emotional but since I'm a heartless bastard, I felt nothing. All I could hear was the sobbing of middle-aged Evangelist women.


Mel Gibson made the presumption that people going to see this movie know all about Christ and what he did, so that's why the story is about his final hours.


I would like to see a movie that celebrates his life and his preachings as well as his death.

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What are your impressions after watching the movie? Was it in your opinion/ according to the Bible an accurate depiction of Christ? What was added, changed or skewed in your opinion. Was the overall message of salvation portrayed in a successful way? What struck you the most (emotionally, intellectually, or spiritually) about this film?

or.....the more generic question...

Did you like the movie? :-D



Here are some opinions from political cartoons







http://donghaeng.net/english/duty.htm :P

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"And the main problem I do have with religion now, is the thing you said about believers saying that all nonbelievers are going to hell. "





Not all religions say that if you are not a member, you will go to hell, the Catholic religion says that as long as you live with morals, you can have a good afterlife.  I understand your point though, Protestants tell me I'm going to hell all the time.


And the commercialized Santa and any form of Santa is based off of St. Nicholas.  He wore red and would leave little presents to children who left their shoes out on Christmas. He probably had a beard, but I don't know about the Ho Ho Ho part, that's cheesy :lol:


If you were brought up in Southern Ireland,you would very quickly discover virtualy all of the older Catholic's ALL beleive in the Fire and Brimstone dogma.

It makes no difference if they are Catholics or Proetestants,they all tried too instill the very fear of "God" into you,with whatever contemptable methods they could use.


Of course,im only really refering to the older generation here.

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Just....whoa. I'll will fight against the urge to say it.

What! I left this one for you!


I'll say it then. What the evil bump! © Agozer

Thank yee kindly, sir.

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Actually it was Siobhan. No offense or anything towards you( i hope I spelled your name right)

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seriously, this is hecka old. and yeah the devil is a sexy beast :lol:

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