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FBAx B4 - Help and Downloads

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i see this on french board FBA-X with no CRC and KOF2003 implentation

if someone want try to rum kof2003 pm me i send you the file


Fbax Beta 4 French No Crc with kof2003


// The King of Fighters 2003



static struct BurnRomInfo kof2003RomDesc[] = {

{"271-p1.bin", 0x400000, 0x92ed6ee3, 0x10}, // 0 68K code

{"271-p2.bin", 0x400000, 0x5d3d8bb3, 0x10}, // 1


{"271-s1.rom", 0x020000, 0xc47f8ac3, 1}, // 1 Text data


{"271-c1.rom", 0x800000, 0xe42fc226, 1}, // 2 Sprite data

{"271-c2.rom", 0x800000, 0x1b5e3b58, 1}, // 3

{"271-c3.rom", 0x800000, 0xd334fdd9, 1}, // 5

{"271-c4.rom", 0x800000, 0x0d457699, 1}, // 6

{"271-c5.rom", 0x800000, 0x8a91aae4, 1}, // 7

{"271-c6.rom", 0x800000, 0x9f8674b8, 1}, // 8

{"271-c7.rom", 0x800000, 0x374ea203, 1}, // 9

{"271-c8.rom", 0x800000, 0x75211f4d, 1}, // 10


{"271-m1d.bin", 0x080000, 0xe86af8f, 0x10}, // 11 Z80 code


{"271-v1d.rom", 0x400000, 0xd2b8aa5e, 2}, // 12 Sound data

{"271-v2d.rom", 0x400000, 0x71956ee2, 2}, // 13

{"271-v3d.rom", 0x400000, 0xddbbb199, 2}, // 14

{"271-v4d.rom", 0x400000, 0x1b90c4f, 2}, // 15



STDROMPICKEXT(kof2003, kof2003, neogeo);



static int kof2003Init()


nNeoProtectionXor = 0xEC;

return NeoInit();



struct BurnDriver BurnDrvkof2003 = {


{"kof2003", "The King of Fighters 2003", "Yoshihiro", "SNK Playmore Corporation", "Neo Geo", "2003", NULL, "neogeo"},


NULL, kof2003RomInfo, kof2003RomName, neogeoInputInfo, neogeoDIPInfo,

kof2003Init, NeoExit, NeoFrame, NeoRender, NeoScan, &NeoRecalcPalette,

nNeoScreenWidth, 224, 4, 3



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Lets not forget that more shooters are being added to the next release :lol:


just understand theres some differences from kawa-x and fbax like you can't use the fully decrypted sets that you made for kawa-x for some older games like mslug3 and garou. also some roms are different for fbax then kawa-x like kof95 for kawa-x doesn't work on fbax (theres a certain work around for kof95 for it to work on both emus i was told).

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cool news to hear :( lol i think the thing i like about fbax is theres no bother in decrypting games. I havent had a single issue with any games sept for a few of the banned games were an issue :lol: all that renaming and stuff. I never had a issue with kof95 it worked soon as i put it in. keep up the good work :ph34r:

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oh yeah, thats one of the things i liked most about fbax is i didnt need to decrypt stuff. It does take time to load but ooh well still works great :) i just got rotd running so i now have all bannded games running, total sweetness. All i need now is kof2001 and kof2003 :D

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