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FBAx B4 - Help and Downloads

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Nice work Prican25 & Ghozt! "uh, Whats a CRC?" Funny!

Although, the grey progress bar is a bit ugly. How about, a "Please Wait, Loading...." or a CPS2 or Neogeo Fighter walking? ;)

Very nice background Glitch!! Although I would like to see a bit more fighters than a big Magneto. :(

Also, anychance of turning ON the Cheat feature, so It can be tested out?



The Axledental DJ

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I'm sure you've looked in the FBAX source code, but here's what my girlfriend showed me on what to change for to Enable the "Cheat" mode that Lantus-X said was just turned OFF.


In the fba.cpp change:


search for "Cheats"

and change "False" to "True":




// set some defaults


nInterpolation = 1;

// set default state




Also in:

src/burn the file: cheat.cpp


Change the "false" to "true" (without the quotes.)


// Cheat module


#include "burnint.h"


bool bCheatsAllowed;

CheatInfo* pCheatInfo = NULL;


static bool bCheatsEnabled = true;



Lastly you might want to edit the cheat.h file in the same director where the cheat.cpp is.


You probably are already aware of this, but I can't compile this FBAX, I can test it.




The Axledental DJ

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