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  1. thanks it works great.. and also bits of rage now runs two!! arigato
  2. hi guys ive been reading this formum and great stuff...!! now there is something that doesnt quite work. my friend and i both have the same xbox and we downloaded the package of reckah of all in one, super great, nubies now, totaly free kof2k3 for xbox. well it works on my friends and not on mine! we have the same xbox and the same emus...... and i already tried the clock trick and nothing, nada/. it reads the emu as fbacedx and when i click it goes to NOW LOADING... and if frezzes. ive seenit work already on my friends xbox and terry and ryu apear and u load the game and lets go! but not on my poor latin xbox and am runing out of ideas.. is there any other trick i can do on the xbox or something for it to work and i can be as happy as my friend right now playing kof2k3 on his big, fat and wide 36 inch screen!!!!! (i hate him by the way) thanks for helping and for posting answers to does who know nothing!
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