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What's your favorite Metallica song?


What's your favorite Metallica song?  

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err...my favorite song is "ONE"..why wasn't that a choice..and if you've never heard that song, I suggest you listen to the album "...And Justice For All" which is their best album ever.

I've heard One... I can play it on a guitar. I've heard every song they ever did, but that's beside the point.


Like I said above, it was hard to make such a short list. Originally I had 20 choices and one was one of them, then I saw the thing that said 10 choices only (doh!) and had to cut it in half. Hard choice but, meh.

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Master of Puppets - great song, especially live with an orcestra. Its wonderful.


St.Anger? psh, most people who are into Metallica didn't like it. It wasn't on par as their past albums. Even Load was better!

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??? Load was flocking great.


St. Anger is good... if you listen to the whole CD anyway. The Unnamed Feeling is awesome.


True Metallica fans do like St. Anger. People that stopped liking Metallica after "The Black Album" or after the Napster incident were never fans in the first place.


Yes, S&M was great :)

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I loved Seak and Destroy. One of my all-time favorites. :)

Yea, I can play Seek and Destroy... it's one of the few old songs that are slow enough that I can play. Most of them are too fast, like Motorbreath or Hit the Lights, but God knows I try at Master of Puppets, lol. I know how to play them I just can't pick the strings fast enough.

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lol. Well, yea. I play that song fingerstyle without using a pick... because it's like many classical guitar pieces where you have to fingerpick chords instead of strumming.


For example, at one part, you have to fret the 5th fret on the B and G strings, then play the A, G, D, B, and high E strings with your fingers, if you pick the D string it flocks up the chord, so you can't strum it. Right after that, you fret the 2nd fret A string and play the same thing, then the third fret A string and play the same thing again :). Classical guitar is hard... but that's a good song.

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Yea, awesome song. Minus Human was such an awesome song from that album, and it's so simple it's probably the first "whole song" that I learned to play.


I mean, my progression on the guitar was like this:


Intro riff to Unforgiven

Intro riff to Enter Sandman

Unforgiven verse riff

Intro riff to Nothing Else Matters

Felt like I sucked and put my guitar down to collect dust for a year

In August of 2003, took Jazz Band because I had nothing else to fill an elective.

Austin Powers Theme

James Bond Theme

Secret Agent Man

Learning those, especially Secret Agent Man, taught me the basic chords and got me used to switching between them.

Intro to One

Intro to Turn the Page

Minus Human

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Intro to Wherever I May Roam


Lead to outside (I normally play Rhythm)

Low Man's Lyric

Mama Said

The rest of Enter Sandman

The complete intro riff to Nothing Else Matters (before I just played the open string part)

Outlaw Torn

The intro to Sad but True

Tuesday's Gone

The intro to No Leaf Clover

Hero of the Day

Fade to Black

Until it Sleeps


I'm still working on The Unforgiven II

Seek and Destroy

Intro to Harvester of Sorrow


Phew, that's all I can think of right now... probabluy not in the right order, but you get what I mean, I learned one riff at a time, usually really scattered like.

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