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What's your favorite Metallica song?


What's your favorite Metallica song?  

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Wasting my hate.


Their Whisky in the jar cover isa pretty good too.

Feck off :)


Listen to Thin Lizzys rendition :P


Actualy its a old traditional irish drinking song,that no ones knows who recorded it originaly :mrgreen:


My faves :

Fade To Black

Harvester of Puppets

the "evil" bit of One

Nothing Else Matters


Lyricaly i love The God that Failed,One,Sad But True and Bleeding Me.

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From the ones on the poll the best one is "Seek and Destroy", after that i would vote on "Master Of Puppets" and "Battery"



for the note, everything that Metallica has put out after the black album is pretty much has if they have done nothing 'cause i really don't like a bit of any of them.

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Phantom Lord off of Kill'em All. Actually, that whole album was friggin' sweet.

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The beginning of nothing else matters is just a series of open strings in this order. Note I'll use a capital E when i mean the low E string, and a lowercase e when I mean the High E string.


E G B e B G


Then just keep repeating that over until the part the difficult part starts... you have to do it fingerstyle without a pick. I can tab it out for you if you want, I have the actual sheet music for it in a book.

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