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GD-ROM Alignment Guide

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Well here it is!! the long awaited GD-ROM Re-Alignment Guide for your DC, almost garunteed to fix your DC from disc read errors :lol:


sorry it took so long, but if your DC has trouble booting games, or cant boot anything at all, this is for you!



I think this guide is good. You made alot of effort too. It's so good, it should be Stickeyed


P.S. your living space is dirty :)

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hehe, well i COULD just retake the pictures, but i think they get the point across well enough, the most important one (where it shows the wire and screw) is sharp, the rest are really just optional, but if everyone wants me to retake the pictures, or just use yours, then i will, i just dont really mind taking my DC apart because im so good at it hehe


Random question: Can anyone else here draw a Dreamcast Schematic from heart?

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great guide Shibathedog! I had to do this last year and it was a sweat inducing endevor! I thought I would never get it to work! I coulda used your guide back then the one i used was confusing as hell

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