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  1. I had no idea Progear was dumped either. Does it run OK? 1) The XORs for it haven't been released yet. 2) If I remember right, the rom is incomplete.
  2. IT'S ALIVE!!! MUHUHAA!! My launch DC is now as good as new! Thanks Shiba.
  3. Skies of Arcadia Grandia 2 Zero Gunner 2 Shenmue 1 & 2 Samba de Amigo Power Stone 1 & 2
  4. Well I'll be damned... CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? (How's THAT for an ancient TV reference?)
  5. Page not found EDIT: Old, and not Flash related, but still funny as hell: http://terrytate.reebok.com/index.asp
  6. Thank you, my good man! Since tonight has found me drunk as a bug, my wife and I shall follow your guide on the morrow. If all is well, we shall report it to you post haste tomorrow eve. (And yes, alcohol makes me act Victorian)
  7. Pj64 says: Compatible, but with various video errors.
  8. That's how it felt when I finally found a replacement. Those poor games sat neglected for months, crying out to be played... And now they can be. YAY!!!
  9. Would that cause it to make a grinding noise? If so, I've still got the old unit laying around and would love to get it working again!
  10. I got it at Gamestop. Black sports unit w/controller and rf adapter. If you think $20 is a good deal, I have a coupon for EB for a $9.99 DC. The only store near me that had a unit in stock was 50 miles away, and they *wouldn't* hold it for me until I got off work.
  11. Don't forget Kakuto Chojin and Tao Feng on the Xbox!
  12. I had a launch unit that died about 3 months ago (GDR drive broke). I FINALLY found a replacement for $20 the other day. If I can find another, I'll get it too and stick it in the closet for when the new one dies. Off-topic, but does anyone know where I can find a good, free DC repair guide online? I found a few guides, but folks are charging for them.
  13. Money. By cutting the RAM in half, they cut costs which allow them to sell the games to arcades in poorer countries and still make a profit. I believe Sammy stated they could make a profit on as little as 10 yen per play. I'll dig up a link. EDIT: Ah! Here it is!
  14. At least EA's "products" will only be unleashed on unsuspecting fighting fans. Imagine the unspeakable evil they'd spew forth if EA could bastardize Marvels' characters IN ANY GENRE THEY FELT LIKE! *shudders*
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