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When I was in college in Kansas City, I converted two girls into playing Counter Strike. One got pretty good but the other still sucked. They only played the game because I rallied all of the guys to play it to. Nothing like a 16 player LAN game where only me and my roommate are the best!


The girls I know don't play games, but are sympathetic to the gaming cause.

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Like I said b4...girls tend to enjoy chatting and exchanging photos online more


often.....Period! :D

Very true. :-D


Speaking of this topic, I met a teenage girl at Cybercafe playing Counter-Strike along with other 15 teenage boys. 1 girl vs 15 boys! Guess what, she was really expert until no one could or hardly compete with her especially with a sniper she mostly used throughout the period. Any guys could get 'killed' instantly in a matter of seconds!


One of the hardcore gamer, I said. :D

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You should see tha LAN's that have girl gamers competing in. Such event's include;


QuakeCon ( Hellchick kicked my ass in a Q3 in a fans vs staff match )

WCG Canada/USA/Europe/Japan/Korea


Also Online;








Insane isnt it? I've pugged with Misfit Girl yesterday for Call of Duty, shes better then me, and it was her first time, HER FIRST TIME!

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Well, in reality, the probable reason that there are few female gamers in the open is because it's like office or even politics, it is male dominated.......... Although some of them are in there to show ""they're here" but gaming (Especially arcade gaming) is usually a male hobby. =/


And in addition, since they don't have any exposure to arcade competition (They're kinda afraid of the male atmosphere... =P ), they won't be interested in fighting games most often....... But then, I remembered this girl who can beat me in MVC2, she was with someone else, probably her boyfriend...... And that guy is wiping the floor with us....... O_O XD


If they would just have some proper "training" and exposure, they could be competetive and can even beat the best male on every game..... ^^

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Funny how every  UK videogame show is fronted bya woman,and  not the obvious bimbo types either.


We are out there but dont like admiting it.

Gimme Tetris over yer Quake 500 any day.

Even here, all (ok, one exception) videogame show hosts are attractive women. And they like playing video games. :-D

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my wife plays alot of games. she wouldn't call herself a "hard-core games" but she can keep up with me at most fighting and FPS games. but she likes the survival horror and RPGs mostly.

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