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Dreamcast - SF3 third strike

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The only version of SF3 third strike floating around on overnet and shareza is this iso

Titled: Street_Fighter_3_Third_Strike-Dreamcast-US-NTSC-Selfboot-Nero-Tested(by.TaKuuL)


This game will not boot up for me, is there another copy out there that any one knows of?

any one willing to put it on line?




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im just playin it at d mall, too bad i cant d/l it way too big..

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i wish i knew how to burn these "ISO"


so i can play on DC <_<

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There are 3 versions of 3rd stirke on sharzaa, try connecting to more netowrks, click the help "button tab" and click users guide and it will give you a few more networks, or press f9 and just click a couple. It could be that you are not burning it write because i got 3 versions of it off of shareaza and only one of them worked, i think it's the one you got or "Street Fighters 3rd Strike (cdi-self)" The one i got was the jap version which didnt really make a difference the menus were in english, but the only thing about it was that everytime you fought remy the game would go to the "dc menu options" screen which you could bypass by just not fighting him but you were able to be him and fight which was cool, and i didnt think it let you save, which doesnt really matter unless you're trying to play with gil. well i put my 2 cents in.


Ps. Violence: All you need is a burner and "high speed internet" or dial up but takes forever. Just get the file, click "burn image" burn it at a slow speed and try it on the dc. it really doesnt get any easier than that, and what is it with you and "eva" from the "suicide girls? just asking. :blink:

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yep, its pretty easy, anyway, i got the game, and it was a Nero image, and it worked, so look for that i think, I burned it in RAW/DAO with Alchohol 120% at 52X and it works fine


NOTE: YOU MAY NOT BE ABLE TO BURN AT OVER 4X, the only reason i do is because my burner has a massive buffer, so be careful

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