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  1. ok i got it thanks for helping me and yeah it was the firmware and i updated through the forums. frist i updated it and then i use your walk through to help.
  2. ok i got to enable all the all the cheat prxs that are listed there but the part where i have to Finally turn on your game and hold Select to bring up the CWCheat menu. i turn on Crisis Core and that cwcheat does not come on ? do i need to wait when i start to battle?
  3. ok that was lame now i know that i have to create the SEPLUGINS folder. but after that i am kind of stuck?
  4. yeah about that sorry i confuse easy. My psp( with the memory stick) is connected to the computer through the usb port. I open it but i only see. These folders... ISO,Music,MP_ROOT,PSP,PICTURE, and Video. I don't see the SEPLUGINS?
  5. my friend got Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII on my psp for me and i got a sony 4 gb memory stick. I didn't know where to extract the rar files into the ms root because i only saw a mp root which i think that the videos are i read some where online. to make it short i put it there and it delete my games. I was on that cwcheat site? what did i do worng for that to happen? I think i was supposed to extract it when the file open i guess? IN short again a mess us and got my game files deleted. How do i make it work for my psp so i can use cheats?
  6. Huh? New layout Looks nice and welcome back( Just want to say something) .
  7. My friend told me that it was good so i'll watch it and for Keira Knightley... she is hot!
  8. I just fart when i feel like it and if someone around me feel uncomfortable or it smell bad i'll just say i had to. My freinds tell me everybody doing.
  9. Damn i just saw it and you just explain the ending to me becasue i was like wtf are they dead or something. Oh well thanks for telling me k'dash.
  10. Does anybody know if they are going to make a ipod that can take pictures and well watch video and music all in one. So close it's the ipod video that's all i know about or that creative zen( i think that's what it called). It's would kill if they can make on with all those features.
  11. Just by watching the trailers i am trying to wait to watch it when it out in the US darn it.
  12. In no particular order. 1.Cowboy Bebop ( got hook when i saw it on adultswim) 2.Trigun ( want to read the manga but no time..work) 3.Naruto (only seen like the frist 60 episodes) 4.Fooly cooly ( just the style badass acid trip) 5.Saint Seiya (there determination to never give up and try there best to the very end)
  13. Because those people are stupid jerks and if I could I would break there fingers. It happen to my friend in a park when stupid gangsters beat him up and took his phone and wallet. Thanks for the information on the cell phone game cop need to tell him about it.
  14. I saw wedding crasher on a Monday and it was a good funny movie and the part that involves vince vaugh character jeremy and todd was freaken funny.
  15. The Island doesn't look anything special and the story is kind of weak if you think about it. People making clones for body parts and some how they get out and the people are trying to stop them but did they add enough plot and character to the story? Well that’s my opinion and it’s not a good one.
  16. Darn i am late but oh well my dream girl is. 1. Someone that can reason with (arguments are nothing when she can be reason with) 2. Not taller then me 3. Long hair or short doesn't matter 4. Not conceded (thinks there very active because for a fact no one is very active unless you’re Angelina Jolie or something) 5. Thin 6. Brown or black (not into that color lens crap it's just a stupid trend) 7. Hate lairs (personal reason) 8. No make up (I think women’s that look natural are the very hottest) 9. Chicks that wear glasses for some reason it looks hot 10. Likes to hang out allot with me (to me just hanging out means they care allot) 11. Doesn’t have too many guy friends (personal reason and every guy know how that feels) 12 Doesn’t drink (sorry but people drink to forget and if they say to socialize better then that is weak because they drink for the trend) 13. Cheaters!!! that is never a good thing. Wells that will be my perfect girl because I feel true is better then lies.
  17. Well i am using dc++ and i configure it to share some files and but up a random nick name and my connection type. I put Passive on connection settings. Then when i try to log on to the public hubs and try to connect it says... dowbnload fail: connection refused by target machine(http://www.hublist.org/publichublist.xml.bz2). What is up with that and i tryed like two other and that still shows up?
  18. Does anybody know a good software/program to download movies besides limewire and edonkey. I can't use limewires becasue i need to be a admin and i am a guest and edonkey becasue overnet(other connection) doesn't connect becasue some weird problem and the servers are all jack. Any ideas?
  19. I got to say it's just sad how the person is trying to sell a megen base game on e-bay for money... Come on... for money that is just plain lame and weak. I remember once i was really trying to download cthd2003 becasue i thought it was base on the movie but then when i finally download it. It was a mugen base game of kof characters and to say it in not so of a mean ass way... i was very very disapponited.
  20. In Fire Pro Wrestling 2... does anybody know if muscle buster is a finisher critical or power critical and does anybody know if they got any updates on the critical moves list because i just like doing criticals.
  21. Oh i just found out my sis password for to become a adim on xp and the cd drives run's the games now...anyways thanks for the help.
  22. ok now i got it to not shut down but it doesn't want to play the game cd's for the ps1 and i got like three emu... epsxe,emurayden,vgs, and psxeven.
  23. when i click on run cdrom it just restarts my pc and i got xp. What is the problem with it and i have the epsxe160 and152.
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