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Beats of Rage


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newer x boxes with samsung drives read cd-r it's the older ones with the thompson drive that only read cd-rw

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well, who wants Beats of Rage anyway? :) I mean it's a nice attempt and all, but it plays rather badly... >> While I truly respect authors of Homebrew-games, it's kind of sad to see all this hype about such a game! But I guess we won't be having 2-D games for much longer after Playmore starts moving on to a new arcade-board... :lol:

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no, the xbox will not read cdr at all. there might be some miracle xbox on drugs that will. but 99% of the time they won't.


they only read CDRW.

You should really know what you are saying before you post. I guess me and my friends Xboxs make up the entire 1% of miracle on drug Xboxs. We all have Samsung drives, and they all boot CDR!!!!!!! HAHAHAGAGAATATATAGANANDAFA!

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ok its already known that some dvd-roms can read cdrs. samsung dvd-roms are best known to read just about anything. phillips can read certain types of cdrs and thomson can't read cdrs but it can read any cheap dvdr you can throw at it (till it dies out like mine did).


also for those who have dead xbox dvd-roms, you can always use a pc dvd-rom but you can't play retail games with it unless its a samsung 616t with the bios updated.

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