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KOF 2003 Impressions (NO SPOILERS PLEASE!!!)


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So to those of you who have played it, what do you think? I'm still not used to it yet. I really didn't devote too much time into playing the game but I did practice with some characters. I'm not too fond of the LDM system. I don't like the idea that only one of the guys can do an SDM. And I wish it was possible to change the leader after each match. I don't like being stuck with the same guy.


I like K''s new air fireball. I don't really like that Ash is a charge character, but I got over it. Terry's D-Power Dunk goes REALLY HIGH! I was amazed at how high it went. I like the way the levels are tall now.


I don't really like the small selection portraits of the characters. It looks worse than all the previous KOFs. The actual portrait artwork is decent though.


Overall, I'm satisfied with the game.


If I think of something else, I'll add it.

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I really didn't like the new hero team period. Ash is basically a Remy rip off from Street Fighter 3rd Strike. Duolon looks like a girl (so does ash) and shen's sprite seems too scrawny. I didn't like the new terry, he had the same problem (scrawny sprite) yet in his winning pose he takes off his jacket and he has muscles? what the...


K's new special is awesome and I like his stance. Billy has the worst voice ever...they should've kept the 2002 voice actor. I finally got the hang of the new team system and I find it very fun and adds lots of gameplay depth.

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I think its a great game. cause of its new system it will take some time too learn it cause it isnt mention in the game. for example that the teamleader has an special move. nice and smooth graphics.. im not goin in details.. very good sound too and lots of nice kof tracks. Its quite impressive that they still got new ideas too these games :lol: i like that red new girl alot.. very cool style. i feel very comfortable with her :P i havent played the other kof that much.. but this game i have played 10 hours in single player and still enjoying it. put it at Expert diffucult while waiting for net version :) this is truly the first game where you can make a clan and have an clanwar for real with 100 % controll of the game. lots of things can be practiced for the team.. damn cant wait for kaliera 6 player version :) some people say its kof 95 again and some say its 96 again. there are lots of whining gamers in the world but that you already knew. im not one of them. if somebody know how too make the teamleader super moves please post them here :)

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Speaking of voices, I find that announcer's voice a bit annoying. LEADER SELECT! MEMBER SELECT! ORDER SELECT!


Why do they use crappy announces for ALL fighting games, Capcom included.


And yes, Billy's new voice is weird. I though the sound file was messed up because he sounded way too woman-y.


Also, look at Duo Lon's left foot in his standing stance. It looks weird.

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i dunno, i expected it to be much more, i still haven´t played it much though, just a few mins, enough to test the gameplay, i noticed that some chars became slower and that there are very fast ones. i couldn´t get to test if the differences in speed are balanced with power. Regarding the game system i couldn´t test it yet. i don´t like the artwork, ithey are not bad but i prefer the old ones, kof 97/97 ones

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Dammit, I wish I could post pics from my HDD. I took a screenshot of Terry from Garou and Terry from KOF2003 and compared them. But I can't load it here :lol:

And I have no free webspace. Anyone know where I can get some free webspace that's not Geocities.

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I thought that it was one of the best kof games so far as far as speed goes..

in all the other ones that I have played the reaction time seemed too far off other than kof 2k1.But the only problem is that its too short I have played through and beat it on regular setting with like 3 sets of different people.But I still think its one

of the better ones that I have played but I still have respect for the oldies as well.

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i wish i could play the damn thing now, but judging from my arcade experiences (which isnt much btw), everything feels heavier than usual, but the gameplay is still surprisingly fast (probably because of the timer).


something tells me i would need some "getting-to-know-you" sessions with this game.

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I've been playing the game for a good 10-15 hours after its release. I'm making a faq for it :lol: thats why i've been playing it for a while, especially Chizuru and Maki.


Maki is crazy, a souped up Chizuru '96


Kusanagi doesn't full do his Koto move if blocked anymore and he lost his Rei Shiki! NOO!


Chizuru is slower then her '98 version


Terry owns


Gato is missing 6 moves, and is suprisinly combo friendly :/


Anyone that used in SVCC is there with the same voice actor. Mai's new voice is from SVCC for example


Yuri's idle sprite is cute as ever


K` new air fireball and Heaven's Drive DM rules, very very good if you just the Change Attack


It's easier to hit Iori's 8 Cups of Wine now


Athena's Pyschic 9 is all auto now, and has 3 new endings




Edit: This year's stories and endings are interesting. This Arc is bound to have stuff based on the past kofs, 95,96 and 97 really.

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