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KOF 2003 Impressions (NO SPOILERS PLEASE!!!)


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Voices of being defeated are improved,

combo moves made easier,

interesting plot,

good graphics (Better than KOF'01 that is for sure! ),

better gameplay than the previous ones.


Overall, one of my favorites in KOF series so far. :)

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I found this game so annoying that you can not change tag whenever you like. The gameplay is a little bit fast and all end up with the same ending. Is there a special ending or boss here? Anyway here are some of my screenshots

Thats because its very abusable. Adding a few seonds before you can change attack or change is very good and balanced.


You must do a DM or LDM on Kusanagi to see the endings.

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Compare to the previous version, I found out that the animation of move is getting slower and become more real life version. Some people will probably not get used to the major changes between these two. Become more balance I could say. :-D

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