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  1. its because of the timing in kof you can make it go fast but you know how too do it i call it more senstive even you are doing a little smaller combo you sitll need too have very good timing cause if you make it 0,10 ms to early the combo is destroyed and yes i understand that street fighter players have problem with this cause its much more easier too find the rythm in sfa3 for example. i felt the same way once.. kof was like stonage.. but then i saw some combo videos and I was so supriced that he could kick and punch so fast but they are both good games otherwise people wouldnt play them so much as they do and I have the same fun too both of them (damn im realy out of topic isnt i hehe ? easy happen when an capcomer makes an grand assault im not interested in sprites and i think its realy cool that they still make games too their machine. look at the games from 1989 and compare it with kof2003 i say got damn! thats pretty impressive
  2. here in sweden... the 2d fighting is forgotten.. except for me then that is an new old schooler or something like that hehe. people realy love 3D these days. but in japan its a different story..(where everything began). yes new hardware is good but then you cant play it on kalliera in maby 5 years you can.. and still everything on the emu scene is about classic gaming not fresh dead or alive or anything else. its damn great that fresh games comes with kalliera support.. but after this realease of kof2003.. i believe it was the last time an fresh game came to an emulator that supports kaliera(except for playstation 1)
  3. I think its a great game. cause of its new system it will take some time too learn it cause it isnt mention in the game. for example that the teamleader has an special move. nice and smooth graphics.. im not goin in details.. very good sound too and lots of nice kof tracks. Its quite impressive that they still got new ideas too these games i like that red new girl alot.. very cool style. i feel very comfortable with her i havent played the other kof that much.. but this game i have played 10 hours in single player and still enjoying it. put it at Expert diffucult while waiting for net version this is truly the first game where you can make a clan and have an clanwar for real with 100 % controll of the game. lots of things can be practiced for the team.. damn cant wait for kaliera 6 player version some people say its kof 95 again and some say its 96 again. there are lots of whining gamers in the world but that you already knew. im not one of them. if somebody know how too make the teamleader super moves please post them here
  4. I like them both and i say an 3 hit light punch combo is so damn harder too make in kof than in Street fighter alpha 3 where i find the rythm on the first time..good or bad? im just taking up some details.. cause it seems like you are into details here hehe.. i wish they could change ryus nose in sfa3 its so damn ugly bah!!
  5. svc chaos is a great game... and i dont understand how you could say this is the worst game you ever seen lolol cause everytime a fighting game comes... it has just some small changes.. they are doing 1 step in a time cause.. if they advance too much the game will get unballanced. so what features did you realy want in a fighting game?? its a little hard too come up with some new dont you think? at least here it is 4 - 5 different new things in this game.. and thats pretty much whats the meaning too have a topic like "hate too say it but svc sucks" it like WARNING dont try this game it sucks! its like you have some intentions to make a bad reputation of the game. change the topic too what do you think about SVC chaos.
  6. only me that noticed that svc dosnt have any graphix filters ???? please you cant do i thing like this if you dont use the same filters people
  7. umm.. please us the same graphix filters for the games they play an huge role cause the games above have smoothed.. but in svc plus you see the pixels
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