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2000 Members!

random guy

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Hi I just checked the bottom of the screen, and you guys now officially have exactly 2000 members :)


That's impressive. Congratulations! :lol:



EDIT: I thought I'd put up the actual stats:


"Our members have made a total of 25450 posts

We have 2000 registered members

The newest member is Verboten

Most users ever online was 153 on Jan 3 2004, 09:39 PM"


Hmm... What happened on Jan 3???

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Thanks for the compliments guy's but like I've said over and over. It's not me who makes this site, it's the members. I'm just the regulator like all of the other admins here. I have a feeling 3,000 registered members will be a month away with kof2003's maybe release soon. :)


I'm still scratching my head though why the user's online have decreased. If you guys know anyone who went on this site before our downtime, makesure you tell them were back online. I have a feeling some people think this site is still dead after the 4 day downtime. :lol:

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