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Microsoft Virtual pc 2004


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i have been readong about this product originally made by connectix that lets you run any OS inside your own, so, for example you can run linux from xp, has anyone tried it or know about how good/bad is it?

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This is one reason why I wish we had a PC Emulation section.

I've personally tried it and it's a great soft. However your going to need a lot of ram and there's another software just like it and much better called VMWARE. It runs pretty much full speed! You can even ask Solidius, one of our mods who runs Linux on it as well. :P

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which vmware product? virtual center?, can you give some other info and between both the ones that already used them, which one do you guys prefer, and why? i am interesed in getting one and say goodbye to compability crap beseides i t looks like a good way to get started in linux without messing things up.

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