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Microsoft Virtual pc 2004


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The pr0n pop-ups are basically site-dependant (the serial number sites that Astalavista looks up for you)... But astalavista is the best serial/Keygen/crack search engine there is.

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i know but i don't want pr0n and here u r solidus got any gd warez serial site?

I can get you the serial if you're not comfortable with the possible pop-ups...

What's the software and version number?

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i just installed vmware, i tried it a little and i think it is gr8

i have some questions though, when i install another Os in a virtal guest machine do i have to install the drivers for that OS

Can i use vmware workstation to install Win 98 or linux but to use it as a normal Os not a guest virtaul machine as i am using xp

I get a message that i need to install a toolspack to run my guest Os at resolutions of 640x 480 or higher

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