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  1. Nop man I have no idea how to do it can you give a web site related to??? or can you teach me how to?==?=?
  2. Thats Right man I found somethig similar to what i saw here http://advancemame.sourceforge.net/ the Advance Menu and Advance CD but still not the same thing Anyone can help me ¿????????
  3. Well thats my question How can I do to make that Mame run automatically when I start the Pc, I Saw a Pc in a cabinet of arcade that runs a version of Mame with the CPu Starts but it never shows the windows start , it began with a menu of roms to select, and when I took the Hard Drive of that PC and check it whats inside, I dyscover a Structure similar to windows 98 also the format of the Hard Drive its Fat 32 and thats not all that I Saw that day, after check that disk Isaw another that whe the PC starts appears in the screen a menu to select 3 diferentes emulator 1.- Mame regular version 2.- EK Mame Plus 3.-Zinc Emulator on Full Screen Can any one tell me how to do that??? or where can i Find the installetion program of that Mame????
  4. Damn it!!!! To good to be true!!!!
  5. == 6/21/07: Hello Googlers ... looking for the new cps3 emulator? Find it here! == Hey check this site they show A first screenshot with the already dumped Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike. Fake or no Fake? http://dream-emulation.com/Main.htm
  6. Why this set doesn´t appear in the screen of KawaX if the sengoku3.zip its in the list of supoorted games??? The only one that appears its sngoku3n.zip
  7. So Atmoiswave its the same problem that CPS3???? Can not be Emulated yet?????????
  8. Hi there!! Well there is a 2 new P1 for Kof2k3 both for Neorage, the first one of 8megas CRC EA232DF9 and the second one 7megas crc 73474729 that add the HERO to the Screen and let you play with the final bosses, also showing the pics of the faces of all the bosses in the screen where you chose character. Im doing some test in KawaX and FBAX Ghozt and Yoshihiro, but still Frezzen in star some one have some progress?????? Or this one´s are not Still Compatible with KawaX??
  9. Well man thats a way to connect your xbox to internet that Its opcional, if look in to the web in oficial webs of xbox they gave that optcion to, also works if you play with the program XBconnect, and its better cause its free ehhehehehe!!! the only problem its that thats only works for some games; (check the list in the XBconnect web site). Like you said this woks only if you don´t have a a crappy connection, or are on a crappy server. Also works if you use Broandband connextion, if you dont want to disconnect your PC use the connecction for your pc or if you dont want to buy a hub.
  10. Plis where can i find a link to the default.xbe???? beatsofragex_v1.zip ?????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Hey Artic can you give me the corrects names for the roms cause Im looking in the Default.xbe with and Hexa editor and for example i can´t find Mslug4 and the correct name of Power instinc matrimele. By the way I think its great the release of have CRC check and Size check disabled cause that of have the correct CRC its a really pain in the ass, the only problem with your verison its the names of the roms, and thats the good thing of the version of N3GHOZT version that they have all the roms with correct names, but Idon´t like his Skin. bye!!!
  12. Well thank you so much now I can play SVCPLUS. I already check the 2 version of FBAX hacked. The one of N3GHOST its great cause have all the roms, the problem its tha they dont put the options that Yhosihiro did (CRC check removed -Check size removed, for P1) cause if you dont have the exact CRC its a Real Pain in the ass, but in the other hand Yhosihiro, didnt put all the roms like Mslug4 cause I look into the defaul.xbe with and Hexa editor and Is not there man!!!! also the name of Power instinc Matrimele its all flocked, i can´t get the exact name but the skin of this version its better than the FBAXGhozt Both will be great if N3GHOST do the CRC check removed -Check size removed, for P1 and Yosihiro include all the roms with the correct name, and all the menu in English!!!!
  13. hey man I have a problem with the FBAXGhozt, when I run the SVCPLUS in the screen to choose characterz the cursor frezee in Kyo anda I only can play with him, I try changing the P1 file for the P1 of SVC blue, also changing the CRC in the Default.xbe, and shows the same problem, even changing and renaming all the set fot SVCBL, also changing the CRCs in the Default, still freezee!! Why??????? I already makes some changes in others CRCs for example to add the P1 files of the kof from 94 to 2002 to be able to choose all the final bosses, and works great SVC its the only Problem!!
  14. Hey somebody Knows whic are the corrects Crc´s of the game King of valor KOV.zip to play it on MameX or MAMEOX of Xbox, cause I have this set: a0600.rom crc d8167834 a0601.rom crc ff7a4373 a0602.rom crc e7a32959 a0603.rom crc ec31abda b0600.rom crc 7d3cd059 b0601.rom crc a0bb1c2f m0600.rom crc 3ada4fd6 p0600.117 crc c4d19fe6 p0600.119 crc e4b0875d pgm_m01s.rom crc 45ae7159 pgm_p01s.rom crc e42b166e pgm_t01s.rom crc 1a7123a0 t0600.rom crc 4acc1ad6 and didn´t works, according to what i Know the last 4 files are the bios, but there is no problem if i let in the kov.zip file or do I need a pgm.zip??
  15. Ok sorry my mistake, but you didnt answer that if there is no need of a ips file if we only do the correct combination of the P file?????? well according to the info on that page!!!
  16. someone check this page and tell me if this idea its the correct way to get a compatible P with Kawaks???? http://kof2003.web1000.com/other.htm do we need a ips file to patch it ????? or not??
  17. Bueno pues mientras sale la P1 entretenganse con esto http://www.freewebs.com/clanugc/neogeo.zip es un bios que ponen el lugar del normal y te permite seleccionar a los Bosses finales del juego solo muevan el cursor hasta la parte baja de la pantalla y ahi estan!!!
  18. Does anyone Knows where to find a P1 fixed to works with Kawaks, cause even if you make a new dat doesnt work its the same problem that with Metal slug5 we need a special P1 for Kawaks........also there is a new verision of KOF2003 PLUS in this one you can play with all the final bosses
  19. hey como ven hasta ahorita navengando en varios foros he logrado encontrar estos archivos, seran correctas las CRCs y los tamaños?? P1= 8megas CRC 521d6978 P2= 4megas CRC 5d3d8bb3 C2= 8megas CRC 8be45d6f M1= 128k CRC 3a4969ff S1= 128k CRC 6a75c5a5 ???????
  20. Another Fake man sorry!!!!! Its CTHD2003!!! Damn it!!!
  21. Well in other forum I saw 2 links to same page that claims to have the rom of KOF2K3 also the loader for Kawaks, but seems a little wierd, cause there are 2 links but i dont know if there are 2 parts of the same file.rar or a mirror to the same file both are of 38.66M its a little confuse cause its in Japanese. Im going to check it. But seems to be another Fake!!!
  22. Well new P1 of 6M for Kawaks has been release and works great on Kawa-X SE, I put the Rom of Metal Slug 5 in the place of svcbl.zip and its woking at 100%. Anyway I prefer SVCPLUS.zip
  23. Yeah I check to and the new P1 for neo rage show the same results all the graphics mix. But I Saw in other forum that it suppose that this new P1 of 5M crc 19958410 its without PCB or not?? Please Mr X any news about this???
  24. Im working on that but whn I do the same way that I used to run Samurai V and SVC, doesnt works correctly, when the game begins the sound is horrible and the graphics are all mix, I dont Know whats the problem cause Im using the same rom set that I use to play in the New version of Mame, and that one works great in the PC Anyone can help meeeee???????? PLEASE!!!!!
  25. Yeah I have the same problem. In the Pc with the new Mame Runs fine but when I traslate it to Kawa X doesn´t works and Im using the same rom set, witout cut the P1 using the 8M like I did with Samurai 5 and that one runs great Some one please Helpppppp!!
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