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The end of MESSUI


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MAMEdev have specifically targetted MESSUI and MAMEUI in an effort to stamp them out unless they conform to new legality requirements. This applies to all other derivative builds as well, such as MAME Plus!, MAME4ALL, MAMEUIFX, Coinops, etc.


So, starting from now, there will no longer be any public release of MESSUI, MAMEUI, MAMEUIFX and HBMAMEUI. Whether other authors do or do not stop work, is unknown.


MAME Plus! already died, so anything based on that is already ended.


A sad day. Maybe it's time to try out FBA.




EDIT: not quite as bad as first thought. Some of us got together and the legal issues for MAMEUI, HBMAMEUI and MESSUI have been solved. However due to different reasons there may not be a release for a while. MAMEUIFX is well on the way to legality, and there should be a 0.172 release.

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The World is full of people who dont follow rules i cant see a change in the MAME licence stopping them from releasing new versions of the projects they work

on.But i wonder what happens if the above versions of MAME continue simply flaunting the licence..??? I assume the MAME Dev project is not Apple Corp

or Microsoft and doesn't have the funds to take people to court to enforce the new licenece.


But didn't i see a post on Mameworld where you stated you may be able to continue with HB MAME afterall..???

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MAMEdev have specifically targetted MESSUI and MAMEUI in an effort to stamp them out legally.


Isnt upstream MAME going properly opensource actually a good thing? Downstream recipients could simply relicence or work around this change. At worst, stick to the last non-FOSS release during the transition.

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OK, some progress has been made since this thread was started.


HBMAME is fully legal, no issues, it will continue, next release most likely be 0.173


MAMEUI is fully legal, I hope that 0.172 can exist, but not sure at this stage due to other matters.


HBMAMEUI is just MAMEUI grafted onto HBMAME.


MESSUI is fully legal, but due to a number of recent horrible bugs (particularly on the 64 bit version), it is suspended indefinitely.


NEWUI is fine, and will continue to be included in all my builds.

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Glad to know that the project will continue; you know I love it and appreciate your hard work.


In Spain, there is a saying and nowadays it has become very popular "Dios aprieta pero no ahoga" ("God squeezes but doesn't choke"); it's for necessity cases but that is MessUI for us.


Thank you again, Robert.

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