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  1. Why does messui lose altos8600, acs8600_ics and tr606 set/roms? mame, mess and mameui include them
  2. No thanks, I like yours and choosing "video bgfx" all is OK
  3. Well, I was trying and testing different configurations last weekend and yes, I see that if you start/close the app maximased the splitters "walk" No, MAME works "well" (talking about this). Other thing is some emulation marked as good like cpc??? (it freezes & crashes if you load and run"***** a game, or use the command 'cat' after loading the disc, doesn't matter whether you load it with MessUI swlist panel or in-app MAME TAB menu). Well, talking about the scaling, MAME works well. I guess it bypasses the DPI scaling when executing a game in full-screen mode. The problem is that if I check "override high dpi scaling behavior" for MessUI/MameUI no errors about Direct3D 9 (unable to create device or not initialised) are shown when executing a system/game but the front-end interface becomes almost impossible to be used, small buttons/icons, etc. PS Watching the event viewer errors I realised that MessUI/MameUI internal version is 0.189 and if you put the mouse over the *.exe is shown as well.
  4. I'm facing the same trouble. The splitters walk. Every time I start and close the app, the second and third value of "splitters 152,744,1103" increase. Maybe I gave you little information. Windows 10, 1920x1080 and 125% display scaling. I think that the problem is with d3d because if I change video config from auto to bgfx it works in fullscreen. My config is "video auto, window 1 and menu 1" and it works perfectly, then I hit "alt+enter" and see a white screen with the menu but if I hit "alt+enter" again it goes back well. If I start with "video auto, window 0 and menu 1" some errors are displayed about direct3d.
  5. Well, I use it but can wait for the next version. P.S. The problems that I see are: The SW Items tab doesn't show the files and it doesn't work in fullscreen (both, mess64 and messui64)
  6. Hi Robert, I haven't found the time to update Mame (Mess) for a long time, since 0.181. This afternoon I've decided to get down to work on it; I've run some systems and, now, my ini folder is messed up. Before, the system inis were saved at ini/presets and, now, mame (mess) has no config path for inis folder and every ini is saved at ini folder. I don't know if that change is for 184 version or earlier one, and if it's a change or an error.
  7. It's a shame that you don't actually keep on the project. I wil miss the ingame menu and the softwarelist pane. Anyway, thanks for your hard work.
  8. julepe

    The end of MESSUI

    Glad to know that the project will continue; you know I love it and appreciate your hard work. In Spain, there is a saying and nowadays it has become very popular "Dios aprieta pero no ahoga" ("God squeezes but doesn't choke"); it's for necessity cases but that is MessUI for us. Thank you again, Robert.
  9. Thank you Robert for your great effort.
  10. julepe

    Dat files

    In my case, Messui doesn't show messinfo/mameinfo on history tab. I don't know if this problem is just for me, no problems with sysinfo/history.
  11. Thank you, Robert; now I see Media and not Devices I think that it's more difficult, for you, to understand me than to solve these bugs.
  12. mess64 -cc create a new mess.ini but messui64 doesn't use it, messui64 -cc create mame.ini Too many bugs in system tabs (fields). I've deleted MessUi.ini to have a new and clear one but if I hide tabs or reorder them I get a mess. * NEWUI - Devices dropdown menu has been renamed to Media When executing a system I keep on seeing Devices menu, not Media, and it doesn't work * MESSUI - Multiple directories for snapshots, titles, marquees, cabinets, pcbs, control panels. no multiple directories for snapshots * MESSUI - Multiple directories for snapshots, titles, marquees, cabinets, pcbs, control panels. I don't see them right clicking on Folder list/Custom filters
  13. I took "airborne" just as example to show what I was talking about.
  14. Thanks and sorry for bothering you a little much.
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