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  1. Compiled successfully mameui32 0.208 with the GCC 7.2.0, and it works in XP. Also I've compiled the 64bits version with the GCC 8, if you want to add it to the site, I can give you the link.
  2. Yeah, it's about the issue #4818 at mame github (I don't have an account to write there). If you compile mame or mameui with the latest tools, the error message "GetTickCount64" appears in windows xp. However your build works, so it's because of that tools. I'm going to compile mameui64 with the updated tools to check the tomy handhelds bug. EDIT: Compiling with the latest MINGW GCC at mamedev the tomy handhelds now displays properly. I Suggest to compile MameUI32 with GCC 5.3.0 to keep compatibilty with XP, and MameUI64 with GCC 8.
  3. Robbert, did you compile the build with the latest tools from mamedev?
  4. If you can't, I can compile them, but at this time the source code at github is still at 205 version.
  5. Nope, I've dowloaded mameui 0.182 and the behaviour is just like the official 205 latest release: The mouse pointer is captured in mame window unless you hit pause, so you can move it outside the window. Is not a local setting since this should affect to all the mame builds. Take a look at it, but it isn't a great problem. (I can upload for you the mame builds used for testing, if you want). Edit: The last Mameui build that works like the current mame 0.205 is 0.197.
  6. There is an issue with mameui (not happening in official mame release): When you play any game with the mouse enabled in windowed mode, if you exceed any boundary of the screen, the emulator loses the focus and you can click any element from the windows OS. That didn't happen in older mameui versions. I can do a video if you don't understand the problem, but it's easy to reproduce.
  7. According to my mametesters report #7182, the snapshot view section at miscellaneous tab should replace the "standard" option for "screen" in order to work properly with the new changes.
  8. The Kof bug with the countdow finally has been fixed
  9. Yes, the model1io rom was bad, sorry and thanks
  10. Those roms give incorrect checksum when audit, but you can load them (Not sure if it's a mame or a mameui issue): daytona desert swa vf vr
  11. Launching an arcade game with arcade.ini option writeconfig set 0 makes no game ini file created. This works fine but when you launch the game with File, Play and Record Avi, the game.ini file is always created. This doesn't happen with the mame official binary.
  12. Now the history and the snapshot can't be seen in the same tab? Seems the option Show history on tab..doesn't work... Edit: Works now after copy the original MameUi.ini from the older version.
  13. Well still didn't try it, but I suppose from command line you always need to put the game name, so it should work. The problem is that in mameui the game is removed from the slot with the avi option, but not launching it at the usual way..
  14. This bug is still present in 191, as I warned in 190:
  15. Another one: When you pick one game from SW files or Media View tab and you launch it (for example shinobi and then Master system II), when you exit the emu the game remains in the slot and you can play again launching the system. However, if you do the same with the option "File, Play and record.....avi ouput", after exitting the emu, the game is removed and you need to select it again...
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