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  1. Fantastic (and very fast). Thank you very much.
  2. Robbert, it would be useful to add among the options, the possibility to delete, with a single click, all the files related to a machine, from the .ini file, to .sta, .nv, etc. This would come in handy when you've gotten a little confused with the various settings and want to start over. What do you think about it?
  3. AntoPISA

    ARCADE64 0.229

    Extracting the xml from the "Arcade" executable no date is shown after the version number; is it possible to fix? Thank you.
  4. Would it be possible, in the future and only for the MAME package, to also add the 32-bit version of tools such as "castool.exe", "chdman.exe", "floptool.exe", etc.? Thank you.
  5. You can always use the command: mameui -listfull >list.txt
  6. I would like to know one thing: but the MAME code was somehow stopped on April 29 and the changes made afterwards will be included in the 0.222 release?
  7. All files are mirrored on my site, many thanks!
  8. So will it be like "Arcade" to "MAMEUI"? A very good idea!
  9. AntoPISA

    MAMEUI 0.218

    I'm aware of the situation in Australia, I hope everything will be resolved very soon. Thanks for everything Robert!
  10. AntoPISA

    ARCADE 0.214

    Sorry, I was in a hurry
  11. AntoPISA

    ARCADE 0.214

    Hi Robbbert, why can't I find the source packages updated to version 0.214?
  12. AntoPISA

    ARCADE 0.206

    Many, many thanks!
  13. AntoPISA

    ARCADE 0.206

    Does anyone have both executables of this version and, if possible, the source? Thank you.
  14. Fantastic! Many, many thanks!!!
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