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Metal Slug 5 (mslug5.zip/ms5.zip) News


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Hi, Mr.X thanks for the link and for ALL your work!

But this link seems down.


If you can upload them to me, then I can get them disponibles for everyone on my.com domain.


P.S. Hey man your animated gif seems to say: KOF2003 is dumped!

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Well, I found the m and v roms.


For me this means we have the whole mslug5 romset:


c roms complete (maybe they aren't in order but they are 8! :lol: )

s rom complete

m rom complete

v roms complete (at least it seems so!)

p rom complete (we have 2 different sets of p rom)


It seems complete to me! <_<


Am I wrong?

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here is another alternative link to get metal slug 4




use flashget


or any download manager


Im having problems getting that game to work


everytime I load it


there are errors


please help me get meatl slug to work please


also check that site it has lots of roms too

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