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  1. My all-time favorite: Deep-dish with Italian sausage, mushrooms, and anchovies. I know a lot of people dislike anchovies, but I've gotten to where a pizza tastes boring without them. Limited availability makes it a bad addiction...
  2. The VirtuaNES message you are getting has to deal with the iNES header bytes in your NES rom file. Basically, you've got hacked dumps if that message comes up. VirtuaNES wants clean, unedited rom dumps, so you'd need to get an iNES header tool to fix the roms.
  3. Alucard is absolutely right about this. Blood only appears in Japan Console mode. Setting the soft dip switches does not work for enabling blood on this rom dump.
  4. with regard to the crc checking in FBA, I don't know about this "FBAX" version, but whenever I compile FBA with new drivers, I can test roms with different CRCs all I want by just ignoring the warning message that pops up. You just click "Ok" and then it continues to load the rom. Even if the rom is highlighted in red, you can still load it from the list by making sure to uncheck the "show available" option so it doesn't hide rom from you. When I finally decide on the rom sets I want to use, I then write the correct CRC checks in and recompile so the warning messages don't come up.
  5. It's Korean, but I couldn't make sense of it.
  6. Heh, you and I play the same characters! As for FBA, I prefer it over any other Neo emulator because it runs the smoothest on my machine and is open-source, so I get to write my own drivers without having to worry about dat files, loaders, or hacks. It also emulates CPS1/2 and a few other hardware modes. BTW, I was playing in Japanese arcade mode when I checked out the Hell stage. It may be messed up in console mode, so I would need to confirm. That reminds me: Just an update with regard to the "Zero crash". I've been doing some testing and I've found this crash ONLY happens when the region is set to Japanese CONSOLE mode. It doesn't happen in any of the other regions, console or otherwise. Not sure if that was already noticed or not. It also might be worth investigating how other bugs behave in arcade mode/other regions...
  7. Looks like you're using the SNKX boss-patch like I do. Can you tell me what is exactly required to play Firebrand in the hell stage? I want to check it out with FBA to see if there are any glitches there. Thanks! Edit: Nevermind. I got to the Firebrand + Hell stage myself. It works fine in FBA.
  8. Well I confess to using the boss-patched p-rom from SNKX. Works great in FBA and I haven't seen any major glitches or crashes yet.
  9. That's most likely because you didn't set your folder options to make extensions visible. This has to be done, or you will not be able to change the extension.
  10. What would be really cool is if someone with the knowlege could post a list of the CRC-checks for each of the p and m roms as they relate to the rom set. I'd like to know the CRC's for the p-rom on the NON-bootleg version of SVC, the bootleg version, and for the patched version. I'd also like to know this for the m-roms as well. Basically the list below: Bootleg: P1 crc M1 crc S1 crc Normal: P1 crc M1 crc (if different) S1 crc (if different) Patched: P1 crc M1 crc I'd also like to know if the patched roms are to be applied only to the normal version or both. Thanks!
  11. Thanks O-Fear!! Just got it working in FBA. Works great!
  12. Ugh, it's amazing the conclusions the general public comes to from VERY limited research. There have been multiple landings on Mars, NONE were fake. The one where "Rover" got stuck on a rock was not a mission-ending incident. It had merely rolled one wheel slightly up the side of a rock, but it did not get stuck. The mission was completed and they got more use out of the little buggy than they had ever hoped for. Eventually the windstorms came in and the power unit finally failed long after their projected use of the vehicle. The results from the "soil" tests were pretty much inconclusive, meaning they needed more tests at better sites. Hence, the new missions to Mars. When I was in school and college, we had to study photos and charts from these Nasa missions all the time. What the hell are they teaching kids these days?
  13. I actually kind of like SVC Chaos. It does have my persona (Firebrand the Red Arremer), and also has SF2 characters I am more familiar with using. On the other hand, my own personal view is that CVSNK2 is still the best fighter I have ever played. I will not give up my PS2 copy of it any time soon...
  14. members like you will cause us who work hard to dump these roms to start asking for donation weather the rom was dump bad or not give thanks to billy jr because if you have to wait to get it you will pay alot of money for it!) And it's members like you that serve to misunderstand and piss people off. I was disappointed because the thread title indicated this was a new rom set, but it turned out to be the same one we've all already seen. So sue me for not kissing your ass over it.
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