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CoinOPS 5 Countdown

gamez fan

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Interesting to note how nes6502 was able to sum up the point in a single line whereas, with BP, it's always a small novel's worth of verbal diarrhea. It just screams the defensiveness and insecurity of someone who's been hit pretty close to the mark. That being said, it's just the same old stuff he's been repeating for years again and again and again; same old BP, same old CoinOPS. -_-

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hmmmm it seems 1emu is now on the offical banned sites list


PastTimes09 I dont hide...you guys do....if you troll again you will go...


fair enough but a reasoned point is not always trolling you got very annoyed about FBL source claims

when you have been thought of as doing a certian thing once before can you really be so upset when people

suspect you've done the very same thing again no smoke without fire is an old saying that still rings true

you say you dont hide why then did you remove the link to that topic....????? alot of users on here

who are new and ignorant of scene history afraid they will read this topic and draw their own



leave it here if you dont hide



oh you have censored the name of the site so no one can link to it how pathetic....... icon_lol.gificon_lol.gificon_lol.gificon_lol.gif

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Ok its getting close...so the normal people will start..they wont say who they are and claim I log on as different people....same people that love to say im not telling that im hiding....never worked for years and always the same...ill be banning and deleting posts of trolls....no warnings no explainations :) you will know why and ive got better stuff....there are other sites you can complain on or come and speak to me face to face....this site will now have instant banning esp if I dont know you....as I say there are other sites long since died that you can post random thoughts about I hate BP lol


So, the censorship is very much alive there. The post by PastTimes09 (whoever it is) was removed. I suppose he's most likely banned.

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i guess this means no sources for you :)


to destronger....last words to you....


you had your opotunity and I offered you what you wanted if you worked as a community you turned it down icon_e_smile.gif......

you knew exactly what that ment and the ball was in your court not mine.....you disrespected the community....you can live with your decisions I can live with mine icon_e_smile.gif


banned.....not a CoinOPS community player....final

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more warnings............




as its about to launch we normally get some people trying to hang onto this project as the community is strong and there not much left for them elsewhere....they have caused most of you to come here by looks.

Normally I enjoyed these guys but at present im a bit busy so ill be just removing this stuff....


ive noticed how dead these other sites are now......with new big releases getting 1/100th what a beta picture gets


so anyone trolling will be banned and instantly removed (there is a couple of sites you can troll at no worries)


if anyone has issues with this please talk to me in live chat...if not it will just happen......


good luck it wont effect normal people...the people who it does will know it....and they have there channels for hate so freedom of speach is maintained...remember CoinOPS community is not a right....respect it or else your out.....


to the 99 percent that are respectfull to the community welcome and enjoy, ill be around for chatting and help icon_e_smile.gif good luck and not long now....most of you will love the new one and never look back


loads of busy sites around im a member of quite a few id say from what ive seen COPS site aint exactly bursting at the seams

on the subject of warnings i dont see his warning to users pinned thread anymore :huh:

Edited by gamez fan
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It's the same endless BP trash. He talks a lot, but says absolutely nothing. The only people that put up with his attitude are those desperate for another release of his hack-job project because they can't be bothered to learn how real emulators work (even BP himself does not seem to understand what the word "emulator" means). If you design a program for 4-year-olds then don't be surprised that that's the mentality of your user base. The fact that he has to control his own forum in this way shows that his members clearly aren't racing to his defence when someone posts criticism. Where is this community he keeps talking about? Why is it only ever him defending himself? What a wretched and miserable place his dictatorship forum must be, and how any of you guys have the strength or patience to endure it, even briefly, I will never know.


I'm going to suggest (and a suggestion is all it is) that we don't quote anymore BP posts. I don't know about you, but many of us pushed pretty hard to get rid of him and one of the main reasons, for me at least, was because I was sick and tired of reading his drivel and watching him pedal his cheap frontend.


If this thread has shown anything, it's that he's still a liar, still a thief, still a charlatan of the most pathetic and contemptible kind, and above all, still not worth the time or the attention of the genuinely productive members of this community.

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well, i don't care anymore. !*** is not playing by the rules when i asked for the source for a previous release and he/she's not doing what should be done.


ok, from now on anyone here communicating with !*** will now be banned on all fourms that i think of off the top of my head.


i also broke my last only working non-modded xbox... so no vision for me.


i only have my white xbox & my arcade xbox now and there is NO way i'm having co5 sharing an xbox. i was making a xbox so i could keep the virus contained... maybe my box knew what was coming and commited suicide?

Edited by destronger
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And to think I have plenty more of his/her words on hand.. maybe i should release it all one of these days.. .


Destronger... should I feel sorry for you or congratulate you for getting banned?


And lastly... the other day i looked at your other site, and surprise surprise it has plenty of links back to here and i didn't see anything bad.. maybe we should allow it to be linked to? anyone for or against?

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For. Providing it isn't just spamming I don't think there should be restrictions on linking. We shouldn't project the same fear and paranoia you find elsewhere. Contrary to the beliefs of the ignorant, this isn't a competition, it's a community. :)

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