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CoinOPS 5 Countdown

gamez fan

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There's another video on the link above..


A new BETA surprise coming tommorrow...maybe tonight.....a new special function never seen before....


also ill set up a poll about CoinOPS Standalone Rxx releases and when people want them to roll out and how...ive got new drivers and new speed ups waiting but CoinOPS 5 required a lockdown so I could end to end get everything running fine...while testing I discovered over 50 games that where broken in CoinOPS 4 Fantastic 4 due to memory issues and driver links. These are all fixed and normally happens when I start playing with drivers...and this is why it goes into a bug bash and point release from time to time....


anyway ive got quite alot of stuff sitting and waiting to ber added...it might have some tiny down stream effects and why it dodnt make it in (stablity speed is one of the biggest factors in a point release same it is was for XBMC) but some may want some new games or speed ups.... icon_e_smile.gif also theres a new mame core ill be inserting properly to allow for faster games but with vmm....please bear in mind the full release will be required at present


ill show people more tonight from a new feature ive decided to include

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video seems the same as the 1st sure its looks good gotta say that but need to tear off the wrapper and see whats underneath

from what ive seen so far gamelist seems the same but we'll see whats changed come release time

also seems some "new stuff" didnt make the cut so users after DL a full coinops 5 set will still need to upgrade

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i can't wait... i gotta get to getting my xbox ready asap. need to fit the time in some how.


50gig's to download... wonder how long it'll take to download that.


edit: ugh... my ratio ain't all that good anymore at ug. (i don't download everything i see.) hopefully co5 will be golded for no reason this time too!

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well you could try this


If you don't want to worry about ratio or wait for a golden torrent weekend make a donation at UG as avant already mentioned. For a donation of 20$ you'll get VIP status and can download as much as you can...


im gonna be honest they could make it super platinum id still never use a torrent site plus i have no interest in a full coinops build

hell i just deleted one from my xbox

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maybe money grows on tree's in scotland but it don't here...


believe me... i'll never download anything this big ever again.


the pd mame torrent i have is rediculous... i wish the fruit roms weren't included. they have the chd seperated but not the fruit roms. oh well...

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