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CoinOPS 5 Countdown

gamez fan

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dont think he will get much joy with this request i cant see mame devs having dumped these games and holding em back

they would have been added to mame by now basicly adding these clones would have made em play different

instead of rotary controls which can a pain in the ass

these are joystick hacks which mean your player character will shot in which ever way you point em instead of having to turn em all the time

handy for games like ikari warriors guerrilla wars etc



please message "TheGuru" and ask if he dumped these rom please...id love these...


11th June 2008: Guru - Heavy Barrel 1989 bootleg joystick version arrived a few days ago, thanks to gplee

8th September 2008: Guru - Midnight Resistance (1990 bootleg joystick version) arrived


there's a couple of games like this in FBL ikari warriors 3 has bootleg joystick clone and SAR-search and rescue has a dip option

to change the control method from rotary to joystick makes playin em easier

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i think i figured out why his/her forum is dull... how much coinops can one take. the great thing about here and emuxtras is that emu topics are accross the board either on releases or misc. have 2 cents on a fbl... there it is. have a comment for madmab emus, BAM! want to talk about other stuff not related to praising ***!, it's there. want to rant about anything... we can do it without feeling like the BAN HAMMER WILL FALL.

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dail I talked to iq as he was the one that added midresb lately (to mame and not to fba wierd) and he was unsure about the inputs but guessed it was rotary...I looked at the sources and it seems to be rotary...I added it and it is rotatry...also nothing in the Dips to change it like SAR....


but I found a few new games to add....have you signed up for mame dev if not I guess it wouldnt be to hard....


ill be releasing new games soon on the working group but id recommend they dont delay CO5 :) I could add or fix new ones most days really


also the cpu speed up feature you asked for is in beta...this will fix alot of games....


old school classic called spiders didnt have sound :) on xbox ever....untill......


hey sharp ive done a feature for you....a new tate mode skin....looks lots better if I turn my head on its side....it only works in full screen and in tate mode....but the stretch is mostly gone....


need to start a CoinOPS 5 R2 thread.....or is it jumping the gun....

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hmm another interesting fact that site will be 1 year old soon


Coinopsproject.freefroums.org will be 1 on the 20/10/2012 October 20 icon_e_surprised.gificon_eek.gif that has gone quick !!!!


So on that note, thanks to BP thanks for keeping this site running and thanks to our members who come time and time again to help out and those who come to read the posts !


Lets keep it going another year and keep the little (big) black box going !



surely that site cant be close to having more posts than the whole of 1emulation


and its nearly overtaken all the posts at 1 emu icon_e_smile.gif where I was there for 5 years or so and that site was mostly trolling


EDIT its not even close

COPS site total posts 11,975

this site 340,087

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Coinopsproject.freefroums.org will be 1 on the 20/10/2012 October 20 icon_e_surprised.gificon_eek.gif that has gone quick !!!!



why would someone type '20/10/2012' then 'october 20'??


it's like saying: "my grandpa was in the second world war 2..."


who wrote this??


edit: over at emuxtras we've got ' 23827'...

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hello boys and girls.... long time.... '20/10/2012' then 'october 20' was written by me, I was smashed on Brandy :D I can change it if it bothers you ;)


Anywho, I see this serious CoinOPS thread has turned a little sour :( In other news its nice to see Waal back... Hello Waal !


I read a few pages back about the people downloading the same stuff they already got from the last build... to be honest it just ensures that people who aint too good at moving roms and files about can use it easily with a single drag n drop.... everyone has the same build so we dont get lots of posts like "why dont pacman load" and after loads of pissing about and trouble shooting you find out they got a bad rom.... nice and easy to just copy 1 folder to the xbox and leave it.... But there is the standalone for those who dont mind the manual upgrade... Me I just redownload it as Im both busy and lazy.... Also Keeps everyone on the same page, lets face it 50GB aint that much these days :D


anyways hope your all well, I will pass by again soon to say hi

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